Go West Young Man

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX. Photo by Cecelia Feld

Only 35 miles separate Dallas and Fort Worth, so after (or before) we take visitors to the Dallas museums we hop on the freeway and high tail it to Ft. Worth to do the museums there.

The Modern Reflections. Photo by Cecelia Feld

Recently, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (a mouthful, shortened to The Modern) was my focus, literally.

Photo by Cecelia Feld

When architect Tadeo Ando came west he brought an eastern sensibility with him and gave the city not only a building worthy of a significant collection of modern and contemporary art but a piece of art in its own right.

The spare and unembellished steel, glass and concrete building  floats on a 1.5 acre reflecting pond. Inside and outside are connected. I wanted to capture the play of light against the building, the cast shadows, shimmering reflections and the vertical, horizontal and diagonal patterns. Always going for the details.

Photo by Cecelia Feld

Photo by Cecelia Feld

Inside, you exit a gallery, turn a corner, and catch a glimpse of the water outside. Lovely. Refreshing.

Photo by Cecelia Feld

Café Modern, with its elliptical dining room surrounded by water, is the place to take a break for coffee or lunch and “float” for a while.

Photo by Cecelia Feld

The man knew how to make us feel cool on a hot Texas day.


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