Cecelia’s Art Pick of the Month-December 2012

By the time I went to graduate school at the University of North Texas I considered myself a true Texan. Not really. I had only been in Dallas for three years, but I hauled up to Denton for my MFA (Master of Fine Arts) concentrating in painting, drawing and printmaking. For more than ten years after graduating I painted, painted, painted. Then, in 1990, I saw the light and dove into printmaking. After that, painting and printmaking (monotypes, collagraphs and solar plate etchings, alone, or in various combinations) have existed side by side, each medium informing the other.

This month’s Art Pick is an early monotype, one that I consider an “oldie, but goodie.”

Why not select it for that special someone’s Holiday Gift? Black Friday’s gone, but my discount is good all month. Free shipping, too!

#410 Feather Duster, monotype, 30x22, 1991

Price: $800 less 30% = $560. Free shipping.

Contact me to purchase: cecelia@feld.com


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