A White (Texas) Christmas

It looked like it might happen – and it did. One to three inches of snow was predicted for Christmas day in North Texas. We had planned to leave Dallas for Woodcreek Ranch, our other home 65 miles north of Dallas, before the “storm” hit. (I hear you laughing) Once that happened there would be no leaving Dallas until the roads cleared. Texas drivers are not known for their ability to handle slick or icy roads. Visions of pile-ups danced before my eyes.

We beat the traffic and drove up in the rain that preceded the snow. The first snowflakes started to fall shortly after we arrived. It’s not often that we get a real snow, maybe once every four or five years, more likely at Woodcreek than Dallas. Snow on Christmas day is even more unusual. But here it was. Not the biggest, but definitely more than a dusting.

Snow on the pastures, snow around the ponds, on the trail. Whiteness everywhere. Quiet.

Reflections On A Pond

Snow On The Water

Edge Of The Woods

On The Trail

The Tally-Ho Trail

Winter Pasture

Looking Northward

Patterns In The Snow

December 26. The sun is out today. Temperatures are rising. Soon it will all be gone. But this year we had a white Christmas in Texas. Yes!


Photos by Cecelia Feld. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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