Baby It’s Cold Ouside

17 degrees! I kid you not. That’s what the thermometer said one morning this week. It was 26 degrees the morning before that. Nobody believes me when I say, “we really do have winter in Texas.” We live in North Texas, after all. What that means is that before you have time to pile on all those layers (which will come off by noon) it will feel like spring or fall again.

A crisp, but not freezing, winter day will find me walking the Tally-Ho Trail (named by my granddaughter) on our property called Woodcreek Ranch. We cut through the woods, removing only as many trees as necessary to create a winding trail which follows Choctaw Creek. The creek is deep and wide and carries huge amounts of water when it rains hard. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened in a while. Like most of Texas, we are sorely in need of rain.

The trail dips and rises for about 1½ miles. While I have photographed it in all seasons except summer (I’d rather be in Colorado), winter is my favorite. At this time the lines, shapes and textures of everything, the elements that are the essence of my paintings, prints and collages, really come into focus. This is the time of year when color plays second fiddle to everything else.

I invite you to walk the Talley-Ho Trail with me and see it through my eyes.

No need to bundle up!

Photos by Cecelia Feld. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.




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