New York City – After Dark


10 days. 240 hours. NYC – the city that never sleeps. Not an understatement. 42nd St., Times Square, Broadway. Always crowded with people coming and going – to the theater, to restaurants, to stores, or just coming and going. Any night, in good weather, seems like New Year’s Eve.

20130928_211457 Botero copy20140927_211707 Columbus Circle copy20141001_215632 copy

The Great White Way is a sea of neon. What would you like to buy? Where would you like to go? What would you like to eat, drink, drive? It’s up there in lights. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is taking pictures. Give us a warm fall evening, a camera or a phone, and we’re on it!

20140926_192357 Times Square copy20140926_192711 copy20140926_192955 copy20140926_192939 copy20140926_193751 copy20140926_193730 copy

Off the street, high up, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, at Lincoln Center, offers up some of the best jazz in town.

20130928_192906_LLS copy

11PM. Let’s not forget to find a spot away from the madding crowd to replenish and prepare for another day.

IMG_5135 copy

This concludes my three blogs on NYC Fall 2014. Scroll down for #1 and #2. It will be nice to remember as winter takes hold and the scenes change.

Happy traveling!

One thought on “New York City – After Dark

  1. Cecelia, you caught the pulse of this panting City of Images that runs at breakneck speeds without ever resting (well, maybe it all rests early Sunday morning when people desire even fleeting tranquility) . I love how engrossing the City appears here: true to life.

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