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10 days. 240 hours. Man (or woman) does not live by bread alone. Certainly not in NYC. You can fuel up anywhere, anytime, day or night, with anything your heart desires. Street vendors, who now add middle eastern falafel, Mexican tacos and gluten-free offerings to the standard hot dog (with everything, please) and pretzel (warm, with salt, please) are everywhere.

IMG_5258Waverly Diner Greenwich Vllge copyIMG_5078 copy20140927_213249 copyIMG_5176 copy

You can even eat “heart healthy.” Grab and go fruit!

IMG_5206 copy

While there is a Starbuck’s on almost every corner, there are still coffee shops like Reggio’s in Greenwich Village. Reggio’s feels like a comfy living room and makes a damn good cappuccino. We took a Food Tour of Greenwich Village with Free Tours on Foot. Really free! You can give a gratuity to the guide at the end. Our young guide gave us some history of the area as we ate our way through fresh, hot falafel, artichoke pizza (no kidding), bagel buns filled with all kinds of cream cheese, which I managed to squirt all over myself, and dessert, yummy. In the rain. It was the only rainy day in 10, but who cared?

20141004_112605 Greenwich Vllge copy20141004_113845 Artichoke Pizza  copy20141004_120930 Bantam Bagels copy20141004_124418 copy

If food is everywhere, so is fashion. High and low. There is something for everyone. Buyer beware!

20140926_223524 copyIMG_5111 copyIMG_5114 copy IMG_5119 copyIMG_5268 High Line High Fashion copyIMG_5113 copy

At the end of a busy day – libations!

IMG_5138 copyIMG_5290 libations copy

Blog #3 – After Dark, coming soon. Last, but not least.


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  1. Cecelia, your travelogue makes me feel like I’m walkin’ those happy streets too, making my way to one one my favorite foodspots, KATZ’S Deli on the Lower East Side. It’s a cheerful “zoological park” around lunch hour, but it’s fun nonetheless to experience some of their industrial-size portions of delicious eats! Enjoy!

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