Autumn Along The Oregon Coast

To get to Ashland, Oregon and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) Stanley and I decided to go by way of the Oregon coast. We started in Portland, headed south along the coast, then turned east to Ashland, stopping at several beach towns along the way.

Portland has a lot to offer within a reasonable walking distance from downtown. It’s reputation as a “foodie” town is well founded. For drinking and driving try the Brewcycle (we did not). Fortunately, there seemed to be an “official” driver. What a fun way to get around!

IMG_6161 Portland copy copy

There are restaurants and food trucks galore. Dessert, anyone?

P1020056 copy copyP1020073 copy copy

Not all the art in Portland resides in its museums. I saw two very different walls. One might have been commissioned, the other probably not.

P1020068 copy copyP1020076 copy copy

Some street markings for my “Underfoot” theme.

IMG_6165 Portland copy copyP1020060 copy copy

The BIG Saturday market reminded me of the Arlo Guthrie song “You Can Get Anything You Want At ….” It’s under and around the bridge and near the river. It was a perfect day for shoppers and vendors alike. Colorful wares, busy sellers and musicians playing jazzy tunes. What could be better?

P1020082 copy copyP1020096 copy copyP1020078 copy copyP1020079 copy copyP1020118 copy copyP1020083 copy copy

Leaving Portland we made our way to the coast. First stop – Astoria, on the banks of the Columbia River. It is the oldest American community west of the Mississippi. There is a lot of Lewis and Clark history about. Our hotel was at the water’s edge, almost under the Astoria-Megler bridge which connects to Washington state. Miss the turn to the hotel and you are in Washington. We did.

P1020128 copy copyP1020170 copy copy

Astoria is a port town. We took in the sights along the waterfront, walking to the center of town. We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather. The birds were happy, too.

P1020138 copy copyP1020148 copy copy

To the coast! Cannon Beach is charming, at its best without the summer crowds. Shops, restaurants and art galleries to explore.

P1020183 Cannon Beach copy copyP1020189 copy copy

We walked the almost deserted beach at sunset. The changing colors of the sea and sky transfixed us. It was a show just for the two of us.

P1020211 copy copyP1020229 copy copyP1020225 copy copyP1020246 copy copyP1020259 copy copy

Newport next. A beach town whose waterfront is an interesting combination of industry (fishing) and shops and restaurants for tourists. It’s a bit “gritty”, not all gussied up. A walk along the water revealed this combination, plus a little funk.

P1020268 Newport copy copyP1020275 copy copyP1020283 copy copyP1020287 copy copyP1020305 copy copyP1020311 copy copyP1020300 copy copy

P1020295 copy copy

On to Ashland, our last stop, where we explored the town and markets each day before heading to the evening’s play at OSF. Remember the reason for the trip? BTW OSF is not only Shakespeare.

IMG_6189 OSF copy copyIMG_6210 Ashland copy copyIMG_6192 copy copyIMG_6195 copy copy

Jacksonville is close by and offers offices, shops and restaurants (more eating!) in well-preserved 19th century buildings.

P1020342 copy copy

I even found some “ghost” signs like this one, a reminder of things past.

P1020337 copy copy

It was hard to leave Oregon. Another time, another trip.

Portland OR copy copy