How We Live-Eat, Play, Shop

Life. I decided to explore three aspects of How We Live that consume so much of our time.

Here is Part 1: EAT

Where do we eat? We eat outdoors, in the summer in the mountains, where music and rodeos abound.

Avon, CO

Beaver Creek, CO rodeo

At a sidewalk cafe with friends (the four legged ones, too).

Calafate, Argintina

Austin, TX

Sometimes, alone.

Astoria, OR

Inside, outside.

Punta Arenas, Chile

Minturn, CO

Eagle, CO

Minturn, CO

If the outside is this good, the food must be, too. We hope!

Portland, OR

Newport, OR

Here’s the important part. What do we eat? Grab and go?



San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

Minturn Market, CO

Vail, CO

Sometimes it’s buried and slow cooked, then revealed bit by bit.

Chiloe, Chile

Often, it’s of the “Life is short, eat dessert first” variety.

Aspen, CO

Libations, too!

Steamboat, Springs, CO

Here are YOUR photos for EAT. Thanks for participating. It’s enlightening to see what catches your eye.

Moses Hoskins – NYC

Bruce Schlein – NYC

Marla Shaman – Dubai

Robert Weitz – Buenos Aires

Stan Feld – Alaska

Next up: How We Live Part 2: PLAY.

Send me your best shots as email attachments no larger than 1MB by November 16, 2017. Color, black/white, altered, camera, phone. Anything goes!

Le’s be PLAYful!