How We Live – Eat, Play, Shop

Part 2: PLAY

Who plays? What kind of play? With whom? Where? What is played?

The word PLAY can call to mind any or all of the above. Here’s a little of my own exploration of the word.

Amusement parks entice with games of chance, rides and fun houses for young and old.

San Francisco, CA

State Fair of Texas, Dallas

State Fair of Texas

Adult play in casinos.

Choctaw Casino, OK

All together now! Group play experience. Did they all drink the Cool-Aid?

James Turrell, Guggenheim Museum, NY

Playing music – solo or group. On the street, at a market, near water, in a plaza or train station. We share the musicians’ enthusiasm as we pause to listen.

Barcelona, Spain

Before The Game, Boulder, CO

On The Bridge, Prague

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Greetings from Nova Scotia

New York City

Music at the Met, NY

Lunchtime Serenade Chelsea, NY

Leader of the Band, Zagreb, Croatia

Portland, OR

Here’s playing with some serious concentration.

Concentrating on the Game, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Concentrating on the Game, Turkey

Here’s more work than play for one, more play for the other (waiting).

Rodeo Cowgirl, CO

Rodeo Gal, Colorado

There’s quiet play and taking a break from play.

Oregon Coast

Georgetown, CO

Kids! They know how to PLAY. Anytime, anywhere. Big kids, too!

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway

Richard Serra, Ft. Worth Modern

On The Roof At The Met, NY

Jane’s Carousel, NYC

Kids and Carousel, Zagreb, Croatia

What Do You See? Beaver Creek, CO

Aspen, CO

Thank you for sending your PLAY photos. Here they are!

Bruce Schlein

Barbara Moses – Israeli Soldiers Dancing

Ginger Mynat

Marla Shaman

Next time – How We Live Part 3: SHOP. In all its manifestations.

Send me your best shots as attachments, no larger than 1MB by December 27, 2017. Stop, look, shoot!


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