‘S Wonderful, ‘S Marbelous

It’s a new day! It’s the start of a new group of collages. Once again, suminagashi marbling is calling to me. It says, ”put me next to one of my relatives (preferably the nice one)” or “separate me from my relative and see how we act toward each other.” Then introduce friends in a variety of colorful lines and shapes, textures, too. What a party!

Here’s how it goes.

  1. Make marbled paper.
  2. Twosies or threesies together side by side.
  3. Make monotype of inked shapes on background paper and marbled shapes.
  4. Introduce cut up piece of collagraph or photo.
  5. Add additional found paper and/or inked stencil shapes.

You can see how the collage comes together by comparing #1380 (in progress) to #1380 (final).


#1380 All Together Now 2021 suminagashi marbled paper, monotype collage 22×30

or #1383 (in progress) to #1383 (final).

I wish you could see all the collages as actual works on paper rather than on one of your devices (even a large monitor). Then you could see real color and texture as well as the nuances of light and shadow and positive and negative space, all the components in their relationship to one another.

The seven collages in the group have a lot in common. What similarities do you see? What differences? Maybe it’s easier to describe a feeling you get when you look at the work.

Here are the other finished collages, most with the work in progress.

#1381 Give In To It 2021 suminagashi marbled paper, monotype collage 22×30


#1382 Truer Than…2021 suminagashi marbled paper, monotype collage


#1384 Happenstance 2021 suminagashi marbled paperr, monotype collage 22×30


#1385 Riddle Me This 2021 suminagashi marbled paper, monotype collage 22×30


#1386 Required Reading 2021 suminagashi marbled paper, monotype collage 22z30

Just for fun – my table with inks and table with assorted stencils and cutouts to ink.

printing inks

stencils & shapes to ink

I hope you find viewing my new work rewarding. Use it as a way to slow down and contemplate in an otherwise frantic workday/week. If my art reaches you on mind or heart level please share it with family, friends or colleagues.

Stay awhile.


Artfully yours,