A Constituency of Circles

Sometimes, in my work, more is more. That’s the case in the group of prints made after the Fortune Cookie project (previous blog). I could call it “Back to the Future” since, once again, circles are the main motif. They are the last layer (collage) of a monotype whose other layers are overlapping textures of inked mesh and embossed string.

Let your eyes wander around. Let the embossed lines guide you as they playfully connect the circles. Can you see that the ghost image of the monotype print has an added layer of inked mesh on top of which is a new layer of string embossing? Then, the circles!

Here are the two sets of prints and a detail of #1420.

#1420 It Is What It Is monotype, embossing, collage 30×22″ 2023

#1421 All Of It monotype, embossing, collage 30×22″ 2023

#1421 Detail

#1422 Not The First, Not The Last monotype, embossing, collage 22×30″ 2023

#1423 Chance:Choice monotype, embossing, collage 22×30 2023

Where will this take me next? Stay tuned!