Labyrinthine. I love that word! My previous collages with embossing and circles suggest the design of a labyrinth. This new group uses embossed string in a more defined way. Unlike a true labyrinth (admission – I’ve never visited one) in my work there is no way in or out. That’s the beauty of making art. Inspiration leads to conception!

The complex, textured, monotype background layer supports the simple “labyrinth” layer of an embossed circular shape. Start at the center and work your way out (visually) or start at the edge and meditate as you circle toward the center. It’s your choice. “Walk” with your eyes.

There are four prints in this group. Print one and two starts with a monotype which includes inked and printed mesh shapes (first layer).  The second layer is the embossed labyrinth shape. Each print has its “ghost” (what’s left on the plate after the first print is made) to which I’ve added more inked mesh shapes and the embossed labyrinth shape or shapes. The third, and final, layer consists of a variety of collaged circles (dots) somewhat randomly scattered over the entire surface.

What purpose does the dots serve? They can be points of light shining down on the labyrinth. Or, they repeat the swirling aspect of the embossed shape. Or, they guide you in, out and around the labyrinth. Or, they aid in the spatial push- pull of the design by placement, size, and color. Anything else?

Here are the four prints.

#1424 And Then There Was

#1424  And Then There Was


#1424 Final Print

#1424  And Then There Was, monotype, embossing, collage 30×22 2024


#1425 (ghost of 1424) Game On

#1425  Game On


#1425 Final Print

#1425  Game On, monotype, embossing, collage 22×30 2024


#1426 You Can Have It Both Ways



#1426 Final Print

#1426  You Can Have It Both Ways, monotype, embossing, collage 22×30 2024


#1427 (ghost of 1426)) States of Mine

# 1427  States of Mine


#1427 Final Print

#1427  States of Mine, monotype, embossing, collage 2024


This is as close as I’ve come to walking a labyrinth. How about you?


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