Cecelia Feld

Art Everyday

What you see is what you get – or can get out of it. That goes for all my work, painting, printmaking or photography. If I’m not working with paper, paint, ink or digital files, I’m mining the world around me for ideas and inspiration.

I straddle two worlds, urban and rural, as I move between my two studios, one in Dallas and one on my N. Texas farm. Each location provides inspiration in different ways.

I love to travel. Domestic and foreign travel informs much of my art, especially the photography.

Art making has been a life long involvement. I am lucky to have the support and encouragement of my husband and best friend, Stan. I consider my finest and most lasting creation my two sons, Brad and Dan. (Those little boys do grow up in the most delightful ways).

This continues to be a remarkable journey. I hope I can convey some of the excitement of the experience and invite you to join me.


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  1. Your life and art are a joyous adventure that I am privileged and delighted to share in. Keep it coming…. it is always a pleasure….Much love, bg

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