Coming Your Way


My Birthday Collage Project is finished. The collages are on their way!

To celebrate my BIG birthday on September 25 I offered an original collage if people contributed at least $100 to a charity of their choice. I’m thrilled so many took me up on the offer. If you remember, I said I wanted to do this as a way of giving back to everyone who has supported me through all my years of making art. While many on this list have become collectors of my work through the years, the moral support and encouragement from the rest have been invaluable to my growth as an artist.

I derived a tremendous amount of satisfaction from creating these collages. I wanted each one to be unique (no mass production, if you know what I mean). I had to make many decisions regarding design and paper choices. The 4×6” collages incorporate pieces of etchings, monotypes, collagraphs and found paper. Each collage is mounted on a piece of 5 ½ x 7 ½” archival 100% rag paper. It is signed on the front with additional information on the back.

Here are a few of the collages, chosen at random.

Celebration Collage

Celebration Collage

Celebration Collage

Celebration Collage

The collage may be “floated”  so the white border shows or matted.

I said this was to be my summertime project. It certainly kept me busy. I enjoyed every minute of selecting just the right pieces of paper.  Seeing the finished stack of collages was thrilling.

A few comments:

“Giving on your birthday is a great idea!”

“What a nice way to celebrate!”

“What a cool Idea!”

“What a generous offer.”

And, a few more collages.

Celebration Collage

To everyone who enthusiastically responded to my offer, the waiting is over. I hope you enjoy your collage. There is love in every one.

Remember to find art in something everyday.




Some of my recent work is currently in the exhibit “Collected Memories” which just opened at Mary Tomas Studio Gallery, Dallas.

Ready to go.

The operative word for this group of work is “re-purpose.” Same as “re-cycle.” Your choice. I have selected parts of my earlier collagraph and monotype prints, cut them up (yes!) and combined them to make a collage.

collagraph – a permanent collage of materials, inked and printed. Original.

monotype –  a one-of-a-kind print from an image drawn or painted on a plate such as plexiglass or metal. Original.

These collages incorporate parts of my digital photographs from the ongoing “Underfoot” series. The photos capture street markings from many different cities. I like their abstract quality.

This is one such photograph.

Underfoot #3775

Here is the combined photo + collage

#1232 Untitled, photo+collage, 24x20", 2010

Another photo.

Underfoot #7286

As part of the collage.

#1239 Untitled, photo+collage, 41.5 x 29.5", 2011

Here are a few more pieces in the show.

#1233 Untitled, photo+collage, 24x20", 2010

#1241 Untitled, photo+collage, 22x30", 2011

The lines, textures, shapes and colors of the “Underfoot” photos play off against the same qualities found in the collaged segments of prints.

Relationships – that’s what it’s about. And, serendipity. And, not getting hit when I stand in the street taking pictures.

The exhibit runs through June 9. Catch it if you can.





Art For You From Me

Summer is almost here (in Texas, anyway), which means my birthday is not far behind. September 25. No, you may not ask how old I’ll be (please don’t ask my kids). It’s a big number.

To celebrate the occasion I have decided to work on a project this summer which will enable you to add an original work of art by me to your collection.
Here’s the deal:
1. You donate at least $100.00 to your favorite charity. (Really small amount, isn’t it)?
2. You tell me the name of the charity and that you have made the donation. Send me your address.
3. I will send you a 4×6″ collage on 5×7″ paper. One collage per total donation.
4. You must make your donation and let me know by June 20. 
5. I will send the collage by the end of September.
What a win-win deal!  A worthy charity benefits and you get a Cecelia Feld original work of art.
I get the pleasure of giving back to everyone who has supported me in so many ways along my life’s artistic journey. What a great birthday present for me!
Let’s do it!
Here are 2 examples of my small collages from the “Spectrum 1-10” series.

#1221 Spectrum 8, collage, 6x4", 2009

#1222 Spectrum 9, collage 6x4", 2009 You can see more collages on my website.
Make sure a “mini” comes your way!

New Guy In Town

One of my favorite activities, when I’m not in my studio, is visiting museums. On a recent trip to Denver I went to the new Clyfford Still Museum. It is adjacent to the Denver Art Museum, its straight lines and solid mass contrasting sharply with the DAM’s angular walls. The Brad Cloepfil designed building houses almost 94% of Still’s total output (paintings, works on paper and sculptures).

Clyfford Still Museum - gallery

The path from representational depictions of farm workers in the 1920’s and 30’s to his fully realized Abstract Expressionist paintings of the 50’s until his death in 1980 are beautifully displayed, several to a gallery.

I was in college during the heyday of Abstract Expressionism. I was not as aware of Still and his contemporaries as maybe I should have been, (no Jackson Pollacks in my collection), but I was greatly influenced by one of the group, William Baziotes, who was my teacher at Hunter College. His discussions of how to “see” the world around us in terms of color, shape, line and texture influenced the direction my own art would take.

Clyfford Still "PH-272", 1950, detail

I have always said my work is about those “relationships.” As long as you understand that, you will be comfortable with the absence of object or narrative in my work.

Cecelia Feld #249 Sienna, acrylic painting, 69x53", 1983

Cecelia Feld #1209 This Must Be Your Lucky Day, collagraph collage, 8x11", 2009

See what I mean?