On Exhibit In Denver

I thought I’d give those of you who cannot get to Denver to see my current exhibit at Artwork Network a little tour of the show. I’ll mention several pieces in the exhibit.

On exhibit are collages combining my monotypes, collagraphs, photographs, and found paper. The collages are non-objective; the emphasis is on the relationship of line, color, shape and texture.

Here are a few.

#1235 Untitled photo + collage 30x22 2010


#1236 Untitled, photo + collage 17x24 2010

My photographs generally feature people and places close to home or far away. I celebrate people and the world in which they live, trying to capture that special moment which made me pause to take a second look.

Looking down can often be rewarding. My “Underfoot” series of photos started when I had my head down and noticed the interesting abstract pattern of street and sidewalk marks made by construction workers. We seldom pay attention to such marks but they resonated with me and I began to photograph them wherever I traveled.

I am always open to new ways to express myself as an artist. Combining my prints (re-purposed etchings, monotypes, collagraphs) with found paper to create collages took my work in a different direction. Cutting up and adding the “Underfoot” photos seemed like a logical next step. Their abstract quality echoes that of the other elements in the collage.

#1239 Untitled, photo + collage, 41.5 x 29.5 2010


#1241 Untitled, photo+collage 22x30, 2011

Sometimes I assemble the collage on painted paper. The acrylic painting weaves its way in and around the collage. Negative space and positive space play games with one another. The group of collages called “Springtime Suite” is very energetic with directional movement tightly controlled across or up and down. Inspiration came from a visit to the Dallas Arboretum when it was ablaze with color. 

(#1259) Springtime Suite, acrylic painting w. collage, 22×30, 2012

(#1260) Springtime Suite, acrylic painting w. collage, 22×30, 2012

(#1265) Springtime Suite, acrylic painting w. collage, 30×22, 2012

I love to travel and have a large collection of paper maps. Remember those? Why not use them in my collages? Instead of cutting up the actual maps I photographed them, enlarged segments in the computer and printed them out. I cut them up and they became part of the collage series “Have Map Will Travel.”

(#1267) Have Map Will Travel 2, collage, 22×30, 2013

(#1272) Have Map Will Travel 4, collage, 30×22, 2012

(#1273) Have Map Will Travel 5, collage, 30×22, 2012

Who knows what new elements will work their way into my collages? Or what new series the collages will lead to. Stay tuned!

P.S. The exhibit runs through November 29.


In Like A Lion

Out like a lamb (March).  Unless you live in Boulder, Colorado which got more than a foot of snow the middle of April. Here in Texas, April showers will bring May flowers. The flower show really began with tulips mid March and continues right through spring and summer.

Inspiration, for me, is everywhere. Springtime at the Dallas Arboretum provided just the right burst of color needed for a series of collages I made called “Springtime Suite.” I built the collage on an acrylic painting on paper. I let the painting dictate the overall composition and color scheme of the collaged papers which included my own re-purposed prints (monotypes, collagraphs, etchings) and found paper. When you look at all seven of the Suite you’ll notice the differences in directional movement from one collage to another. In these collages negative space, the areas in and around the collage, are as important as the collage itself.

The seven collages in “Springtime Suite” express the joy I get from working with color inspired by the spring landscape.

Here are “Springtime Suite 1-4.”

#1259 Springtime Suite 1, acrylic painting on paper with collage, 22x30", 2012

#1260 Springtime Suite 2, acrylic painting on paper with collage, 22x30", 2012

#1261 Springtime Suite 3, acrylic painting on paper with collage, 22x30", 2012

#1262 Springtime Suite 4, acrylic painting on paper with collage, 22x30", 2012

Intrigued? To see the complete Suite 1-7 go to my website www.studio7310.com and click on “New Work.” Check out the rest of the website while you are there.

I hope these collages add some sunshine to your day.



Cecelia’s Art Pick of the Month-April 2013

Spring is here! Color is pushing up through the winter soil as daffodils, tulips, forsythia and other spring flowers announce the change in season.

I have selected “Romantic Allusions” for this month’s Art Pick. Not only is it colorful, but like the flowers revealing themselves in the garden, this mixed media work on paper also reveals some hidden elements. Among the collaged papers and painting are sections of colored oil pastel crayons which were initially covered by black pastels. The black was scratched away revealing the underlying colors.

Enjoy whatever is popping up in your garden and add this month’s Art Pick to your collection.

It is available all month at a 30% discount.

#370 Romantic Allusions, acrylic, oil pastels, collage, 22x28, 1989

Price – $800 less 30% = $560. Free shipping.

Cecelia’s Art Pick – March 2013


I have always liked working in series. It seems that an idea needs to go through a range of possible expressions before I am satisfied that it is “finished.” Sometimes a group of related work consists of a few pieces, sometimes many over a long period of time.

This month’s Art Pick is one in a series of fourteen acrylic paintings on paper with embossing. It is number 7 of 14. It is typical of my work during the 80”s when I was also making large acrylic “stain” paintings. Instead of pouring on canvas on the floor, (which made my studio look jazzy) I poured the paint on paper. I embossed the paper front and back (convex and concave lines) using heavy cord or lightweight wire and a press.

Here is “Fourteen 7”.

#215 Fourteen 7, acrylic, embossing on paper, 22x30, 1982

This is a painting from that period.

#260 Now You See It, acrylic ptg, 71x61, 1984

Here are three more from the series. You can compare and contrast them to “Fourteen 7”.

#211 Fourteen 3, acrylic, embossing on paper, 22x30, 1982


#214 Fourteen 6, acrylic, embossing on paper, 22x30, 1982

#222 Fourteen 14, acrylic, embossing on paper, 22x30, 1982

When is a series finished? Usually, when other ideas intrude.

Remember – the Art Pick is available all month at a 30% discount. $850 less 30% = $595.