Art For You From Me

Summer is almost here (in Texas, anyway), which means my birthday is not far behind. September 25. No, you may not ask how old I’ll be (please don’t ask my kids). It’s a big number.

To celebrate the occasion I have decided to work on a project this summer which will enable you to add an original work of art by me to your collection.
Here’s the deal:
1. You donate at least $100.00 to your favorite charity. (Really small amount, isn’t it)?
2. You tell me the name of the charity and that you have made the donation. Send me your address.
3. I will send you a 4×6″ collage on 5×7″ paper. One collage per total donation.
4. You must make your donation and let me know by June 20. 
5. I will send the collage by the end of September.
What a win-win deal!  A worthy charity benefits and you get a Cecelia Feld original work of art.
I get the pleasure of giving back to everyone who has supported me in so many ways along my life’s artistic journey. What a great birthday present for me!
Let’s do it!
Here are 2 examples of my small collages from the “Spectrum 1-10” series.

#1221 Spectrum 8, collage, 6x4", 2009

#1222 Spectrum 9, collage 6x4", 2009 You can see more collages on my website.
Make sure a “mini” comes your way!